2016 Backie Chan Rush – Used White

$5,650.00 $3,999.00

Lightly Used 2016 Backie Chan Rush – White – weighed 74 lbs upon build.

This hull was made for the 2016 World Championships 800 cc Freestyle Class.

This hull comes with:

Black & Blue Diamond Hydro-Turf with wedges

Blue Hood strap kit

Front Tow Loop

144-148 Aluminum Pump Shoe

Hood Gasket

New Hood

This package retails for more than $5650 new…

The same stable and carveable hull, the Rush is a hybrid fiberglass / carbon fiber hull utilizing carbon fiber in the bonding and construction process to bring you a hull with a target weight of 75-80 lbs.

The Backie Chan Freestyle / Freeride Hull is a great hull for amateur riders to pro level riders alike. This rockered style hull features ultra-deep chines enabling high speed ride-ability and carving capabilities of no other back flip hull. Its intake track is a full two inches longer than stock making this great hull hook up in flat water, chop, and surf alike! Its 28.5 inches in width adds to its stability and ease to ride. Your package comes complete with the hull, hood, and rideplate. Also standard are dual 1/2 in. cooling lines and one additional 1/2 in. line for your tilt/trim cable.

The engine bay is complete with speckled gel coat in the engine compartment for a great combination of nice style and durable finish.

The dimensions of the Backie Chan hull are as follows measured bond-line to bond-line:

Length: 78.5 In

Width: 28.5 In

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