The word Twangled was first created back in the late 1990’s by pro jet ski freestyler Gary Burtka. Twangled was derived from the combination of the words Tweaked and Mangled. The first tagline Tweaked + Mangled = Twangled was popularized by depicting and revealing the lifestyle of action sports athletes in their environments throughout the Twangled video series. Instead of numerically numbering Twangled releases, (Twangled 1, Twangled 2, Twangled 3…) we decided to incorporate Twangled into various movie titles (All Twangled Up, Twangulation, Star Twangled Banner). Comprising more than 10 titles, these documentary films are meant to generate awareness of a lifestyle unknown to many.

The Twangled series of videos were originally produced by Fountain Man Films, which was acquired and later emerged as Det-Chi Video with Gary Burtka, Greg Brock, & Tom Spaeth serving as the leadership team.

November 2014, after acquiring the Backie Chan molds, tooling and brand from Trendsetterz the previous spring, Gary Burtka incorporated Twangled to serve as the parent company for: Backie Chan, Splashster, BORN2FLIP, Twangled Studios & Jet Ski Stunt Shows.

July 2016, Twangled acquires the Brawler watercraft molds, tooling and brand from Rage Composite Works.

Here is a complete list of full-length feature videos produced by Gary Burtka of Twangled:
Extreme Living with Keith Head
Twangled Remastered
Star Twangled Banner
Outside The Loop
A Twangled View of Havasu
A Twangled View of Havasu 2
A Twangled View of Havasu 3
All Twangled Up