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Prototype Test Ride No. 3 (3/15/2016) - We took a third ride aboard the prototype and enjoyed some of the early season sun that we are experiencing this spring. I chased down a bass boat, jumped some waves and scurried around a bit.
Splashster: Second Ride Gopro Video (3/7/2016) - The second test ride proved more success with a top speed of more than 32 MPH!../ Check out the video below.  
Splashster Prototype: Behind the Build (3/3/2016) - We are taking you behind the build of the new Splashster Prototype PWC. While this is not the first side-by-side PWC, this is the first side-by-side designed with sport performance in-mind. The all-new Splashster is under 10 feet in length and under 48 inches wide and is considered to be the RzR of the water. […]
Splashster: First Ride GoPro Video (3/3/2016) - After nearly 10 months in development we are finally ready to water test the Splashster for the very first time. Will it float? Will it plane? Check out the video below to see if our creation will even work.
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