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Team Twangled Product Demo Day (11/13/2016) - An awesome Saturday and a great turnout for team Twangled product demo day.  Last fall, in 2015 we begin the first product demo day for team Twangled riders.  Last year the 2015 Backie Chan was the featured product to be seen and tested.   This year the team was meeting for its annual team Twangled product […]
Havoc Fallout Maiden Voyage (10/31/2016) - Below please enjoy a short video of the Havoc Fallout making its maiden voyage. Powered by an 850 cc DASA motor, MSD Analog Total loss, Dual 48 mm carbs, and a 148 mm setback pump – it was a blast to ride!
Wreaking Havoc (9/21/2016) -     Twangled, the makers of the Backie Chan and Brawler jet ski hulls, has done it again. Twangled has acquired all of the molds and assets relating to the world famous Havoc hull. A prototype version will debut at this year’s Pro Watercross World Championships in Naples, Florida – September 21-25. We are in […]