Team Twangled Product Demo Day


An awesome Saturday and a great turnout for team Twangled product demo day.  Last fall, in 2015 we begin the first product demo day for team Twangled riders.  Last year the 2015 Backie Chan was the featured product to be seen and tested.   This year the team was meeting for its annual team Twangled product demo day on October 29th, a week later than last year’s demo day.  The weather made for a perfect late October day as it was Sunny and in the mid-60s.  The product that was featured to be tested and inspected were the new Havoc Fallout and the new Brawler Contender standup freestyle skis that were just built by Twangled.  For me, the day began very early Saturday morning.  I left Michigan at my normal 3:30 am time heading towards Freestyle Factory, with a stop along the way at the residence of Gary Burtka.  After arriving at Gary’s home, we packed up the Brawler that was just recently built and the Backie Chan 1400, then began the voyage towards Freestyle Factory to meet with the other riders.  We arrived fashionably late around 10:30 am.  After unloading the trailer and parking, the team began working on finishing the assembly of the Twangled Brawler.  By late afternoon we had all the skis in the water including 2 old Yamaha Superjets, multiple Backie Chans ranging from 760-1400, the Havoc Fallout with a 850, and a Brawler Contender.


Testing the skis went very well.  The first jetski that was water tested was the black sparkle flake Brawler Contender. What I saw from the brawler Contender seemed promising, it was only on the water momentarily, but carved the water very similar to the Havoc.


Devin Hoovers 760 lightened fiberglass Backie Chan build put together by the Roc Crusher company under Twangled, surprisingly hit very well for a 760.  The hull weighing in around 85 lbs with scoop grate, pump shoe, and hood, was very balanced yet powerful.


havoc-fallout-water-angle demoday9 demoday13

The spotlight of the day for all the riders however, was the brand new powder blue Havoc Fallout by Twangled with a Dasa 850 cc, analog MSD, dual 48 mm carbs, and a 148 mm setback pump .  This build was fabulous, and shot right out of the water from side to side with the slightest pull of the throttle.  Unlike how the Backie Chan carves into the water for easy flat spin, flat water 360s, the Havoc slides more when you turn, making for a differently fun experience as compared to the Chan.  The Havoc rides similar to a Yamaha Superjet, but is able to pop dynamically higher out of the water than that of what a Superjet can offer.  At the end of the day this ski was amazing.  I look forward to be riding a Havoc of my own for the 2017 season.  I will miss my Chan, but plan to continue riding both for the season yet to come.

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