All Twangled Up Preview is Now Live

The big news this week is that the next volume of Twangled in DVD form has just been completed and is currently being replicated as you read this! Check out the pre-view right here on!

We’re excited to unveil All Twangled Up, The next Twangled DVD and we have even made a fresh TEASER for your viewing enjoyment. Go back on board with Burtka as he winds his way through another year on the road; touring freestyle shops, hitting up competitions and visiting with crews from all over North America. Highlights from the 2012 tour include: visits to XScream and EME headquarters, select events from the Hydro-Turf National Tour, some Canadian National Tour, a feature performance in the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, and much more.

This video features many of your favorite Twangled riders including: Gary Burtka, Greg Brock, Mike Hoffman, Eric Malone, Jason Stoyer, Jeremy Parr, and Kyle Burtka. All Twangled Up will also introduce you to other top riders including: Rob Flores, Sean Morris, Daniel Martin, Remi Voyer and many more!

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