Backie Chan Unveil New Products for 2016

As the 2016 year unfolds, following winter, Backie Chan has unveiled the newest product releases to its jetski hull division.  Backie Chan now produces three different varieties of the custom backflip jet ski hull to choose from.  Each of the three hulls offer a different material schedual to choose from when ordering a custom Backie Chan.  The hulls range from the original, The Backie Chan FURY – at a price point of $3495 – weighing in at 90 lb.  The Fury is a fiberglass hull, perfect for entry level riders and surf riding.

The hybrid, The Backie Chan RUSH – at a price point of $4995 – The same stable and carveable hull, the Rush is a hybrid fiberglass / carbon fiber hull utilizing carbon fiber in the bonding and construction process to bring you a hull with a target weight of 75 lbs.

And the lightest of the three, The Backie Chan SHAOLIN – at a price point of $5995 – Our new flat water competition hull. Weighing in at 65 lbs, this Chan is constructed and bonded with a mix of composite materials to bring you a lighter and more balanced hull for competition.
All 3 hulls are built using a Monocoque constructed design. This means that all tops and decks are fused along the entire joint into a single solid unit using either fiber glass or carbon fiber depending upon the model.

Estimated weights can range +/- 5%, and is weighed as bare hull only. No scupper tubes, turf, or any other additional parts are included during the weighing process.

Another new feature that we have added to options on the 2016 models is the ability to move the foot wells +1 or +2 inches forward for different riding styles.

While the standard colors are black and white; don’t forget that we have literally hundreds of Gel-Coat color options available to customize your Chan. Backie Chan color Chart!

All Backie Chan Hulls come standard with straight thru-hull aluminum exhaust tube, steering tube, dual 1/2 in water inlet lines, and one 1/2 in line for trim cable. Additional 1/2 in water cooling tubes are available for custom builds requiring 3 or 4 cooling lines.

Visit for more details and ideas.

And remember, Yes you can on a Backie Chan!

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