Greg Brock

Greg Brock

CoFounder of Team Twangled 2002

Executive Producer for entire Twangled Series of Videos and DvDs

Other Interests: Include British Sports Cars, Minibikes, SnowSkiing


2005 USWRA Pro Freestyle 2nd Overall National High Points

2005 APBA Midwest Watercross Tour Pro Freestyle 2nd Overall

2005 APBA National High Points 3rd Overall Pro Freestyle

2005 APBA Eastern States Cup 3rd Overall Pro Freestyle

2004 USWRA Pro Freestyle 3rd Overall National High Points

2004 USWRA Triple Crown Pro Freestyle 2nd Overall

2004 IJSBA World Finals 13th Overall Pro Freestyle

2003 Midwest Watercross Tour Amateur Freestyle Champion

2003 3rd Overall IJSBA National Tour Pro-Am Freestyle

2003 IRA Liquid X Pro Freestyle Tour 2nd Overall

2002 IRA Liquid X Pro Freestyle Tour 3rd Overall

2001 IRA Liquid X Pro Freestyle Tour 5th Overall

2000 IRA Liquid X Pro Freestyle Tour 6th Overall

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