High Roller Customs Ski Build Article 1

Well I haven’t been publishing too much besides the tour schedules as I have been busy unpacking and organizing my new garage / shop. I was hoping to be bringing you some new video from over the summer; however my camera and computer are no longer synced. So while I battle with a solution on the video end, I thought I would report on my latest project, the High Roller Customs back flip ski.

I got this hull from Dan Stein back in late summer. Unfortunately for me my relocation and job switch took priority, and the hull and parts were packed up. Now 5 months later I have once again unpacked the High Roller Customs back flip hull from crating. I have hardly begun and need nearly all parts. It will be a painstakingly long project, but in the end will be an interesting ride. Looking forward to sharing the build with the readers of Twangled.

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