Motor Mount Plate Project – Wave Venture

I recently picked up an 1100 Yamaha Wave Venture as part of a conversion project. The 1100 was set to go into a Blaster to be the base for my Sport Open build. Having always enjoyed the Wave Venture though, I did not want to just scrap it. After all, it was still in very good shape despite no longer having a powerplant or electrical. I decided it would make a great video / rescue craft and proceeded to set about to reinstall the Blaster parts back into the Wave Venture. While ADA makes a very nice conversion plate to bolt the 1100 into the Wave Blaster, I was not able to find any such plates for inserting a 701 into a hull previously equipped for an 1100.

I attempted to make the pre-existing mounts work, but I did not have the proper coupler & drive shaft combination to have everything fit. This meant that I was able to utilize one of very own Twangled Motor Mount Plate for this project.

It was a bit of a tight fit against the front motor mounts and I did not want to grind those out in case I ever decided to return to the 1100 engine.

So I ground the front edge of both plates down until proper fit was achieved.

Once they were both ground down to fit, everything was bolted into place and leveled.

I then used a combination of fiberglass and epoxy resin to permanently mount the plates into place. Once the cure is complete I will re-tighten all of the bolts and continue the build.


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