The Brawler is Back

brawler pic

We are pleased to announce that the once popular Brawler freestyle jet ski hull will be making a comeback. Originally designed by Nick in Thailand, the Brawler made its way to the US in 2012 after being purchased by Rage Composite Works. Now the Brawler will soon make its journey from NE Pennsylvania, to Chicago, Illinois where Twangled plans to begin production immediately.

On the heels of a very successful summer for the Backie Chan hull, Twangled decided to extend their product line through the acquisition of the Brawler hull. “We found the Brawler to be a very attractive looking hull and handling hull as noted by many reviews” said Twangled President, Gary Burtka. “The Brawler will be positioned right next to the Backie Chan hull as an affordable, flip-able entree level freestyle hull and will give our customers another option during their purchase consideration, and another ski to demo at our dealers and events.”

carbon blue brawler


The Brawler will be offered in Fiber Glass, Carbon, and Hybrid versions just like the 2016 line of Backie Chan hulls, and will be priced to compete with the Chan as well. In addition we will be overhauling our global web presence to consolidate the products and brands to one site – Twangled; to ease the confusion and complexity for our customers.

Stay tuned to and to monitor the pickup and progress of the Bralwer hull. Check out the video below of the Brawler in action – Contact to place your pre-order today.


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