2015 Wisconsin Dells Freeride


The Wisconsin Dells Freeride is now just a few weeks away… we can already smell the race gas burning!

If you are new to the sport or unaware of this awesome midwest freeride, it is the largest freeride of its type here in the Midwest. This event is put in place to raise money for local charities and to build a strong community of watercraft enthusiasts. The event has grown tremendously over the past few years, and will even boast of video coverage for 2015! We have many sponsors and giveaways, in addition to a number of off-water activities planned for you and your family. Bring the fun and toys… we have the water!

Twangled will once again be one of the many supporting sponsors, with Backie Chan goody giveaways… Rumor has it a new Splashster prototype might even make its way to the event as well!

backie chan bags

For all of the information on the event, check out the Badgerland section of PWC Today. Or you can check out TCJP for more details and contact info.

Below is the complete post from Paul the event Promoter:
We are almost at the time when I send out our official press release. I am still trying to confirm many details, and many of you know how I struggle with this each year, but I want to give everyone here first “dibs” on what I know and hope to know, so that you get the best shot at booking your reservations and time off from work/school. So here it goes…

1. Official dates are Thursday May 28th to Sunday May 31st, 2015. I plan to get there Tuesday night and ride wed/thurs/fri. All are welcome to arrive early as I like to.
2. I am expecting 300+ in attendance this year.*
3. Tent camping should remain at $18 per night if booked by May 1st, and $20 after. Rhonda may change this to April 1st.
4. Check in and check out times will remain “relaxed” as they have been from day one.
5. RVs should be charged the same as tent campers. This has been a point of confusion for the campground, and I have never gotten to the bottom of the issue for them. If you have a problem regarding this, please bring it to my attention.
6. Cabin discounts will remain the same as in 2014. 10% off the first 2 nights and 50% off the 3rd night, if booked by April 1st.
7. I’m trying to get confirmation on a 3-day tent camping deal similar to the cabins.
8. The 2015 raffle will be held in the side yard next to my cabin. I have my own PA system which will be powered from the cabin. This will be a great spot for group pics, winners pics in front of sponsor banners, and the deck will allow good visibility. Everyone should bring a folding chair along with their favorite beverage. I am working on supplying 2 or 3 half barrels of beer for the raffle. Raffle is tentatively planned to start at 7pm Saturday. Raffle tickets will be on sale starting by about 2pm Saturday, and also in the days prior by finding me at my cabin. Everything regarding the raffle and ticket sales will be centered around my cabin. We have been blessed with fantastic weather at the Dells for 3 years and I pray this will continue. If there are weather issues, I may need to borrow some of your ez-ups. Regardless, the bar doesn’t give us the space or lack of noise needed for the raffle. Our 2 previous outdoor raffles have been spectacular, so we will move it back outdoors again. The yard next to my cabin has plenty of space for us.
9. We will have a meal plan again. Figure something similar to 2014.
10. I think the additional staffing by the campground in 2014 was a positive improvement and I have requested this again.*
11. I am working on doing the Friday night paddleboat ride with snacks and open bar again for $10 per person. Figure a 5:30 or 6pm start time.
12. I am working on offering a “quiet zone” for campers who prefer this.
13. The ATV/recreational vehicle policy will be modified. More specific details on this later, but you can plan on leaving any toys home that are not needed and used primarily for moving skis. I may offer some special permits that will bend this rule a bit, but permits will be limited and cost money – and the money will be added to our CWCAC Food Pantry donation. I am not going to be wasting my time at the Dells getting scolded by the resident campers for the behavior of my fellow adult freeriders. Period.
14. There will be a “freeride rules” sign posted next to the boat launch with 3 basic rules for behavior in the bay, at the launch, and in the beaching areas. Please read the sign and follow the rules. They are all basic common sense, but a few bad apples seemed to struggle with common sense in 2014, which only netted me more wasted time getting scolded by the seasonal campers and damaged the public perception of our group and sport. This will not be the case in 2015. I have spoken with the DNR, and they will be writing tickets for wake/backflips/rolls/stupidity in the bay going forward. There is plenty of room for all that fun stuff just a couple hundred yards further east on the main part of the river.

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