Twangled View of Havasu

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Det-Chi Video has done it again. Another first. This time with freestyle jet skiing. A Twangled View Of Havasu features all of the World’s Top Pro and Amateur Freestylers. That’s right, all 26 Amateur and 12 Pro runs are contained on this DVD. All of the best action from the 2003 World Finals. From flat-water back flips, to triple ariel-barrel rolls, this video doesn’t miss a trick. And if you missed the contraversial 1-minute runoff for the Pro Freestyle World Championship, look no further. It is all inside A Twangled View Of Havasu. Features Team Twangled’s Gary Burtka, Greg Brock, Mike Hoffman… And A Bunch of Their Freestylin’ Friends: Alessander Lenzi, Masao Fujisowa, Eric Malone, Brad and Josh Lustic, Glenn Anderson, Jason Stoyer, Noboyuki Mochizuki, Fumakazy Watanabe, Rok Florjancic, and many more…


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